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Culture Camp

  TESTIMONIALS FROM PARENTS whose children participated in previous year culture camp

I liked the whole concept because it was not any 'Summer' Camp but a 'Culture' camp. Something which is highly needed for children specially in today's times. My child was engaged in such a positive way for these 15 days. I am very happy to see Agastya learning new Shlokas and their meanings as well as doing the harekrishna chanting. He has learnt to meet new people and make friends. Also he learnt about how to be a part of a stage act. Exposure of how to do things in a professional and qualitative way is a big learning.

Sampada Dev Hajela
People Development Professional Trainer

“ My son has a record of not completing any course fully but this is the first time he has completed a 15 days summer camp. Daily he used to get up early, get ready to go to camp, I have seen him enjoying the camp, he has learnt shlokas from Bhagavad Gita, meditation. Moreover, I see lot of changes in him after attending the camp, he has become more like a spiritual man, he has started behaving responsibly towards everything, I am really happy..”

Dr. Vaishali Panchal

“We absolutely loved this culture camp. My daughter had attended this camp for 15 days and I truly saw drastic changes in her. She started chanting 2 malas of Hare Krishna daily. One day she came home from camp and said why do we eat food without offering to the Lord and explained me the story which he learnt in camp that day, and from that day onwards we stopped onion and garlic in our house and my daughter started to offer food to God daily, I was really impressed when she was explaining me the Bhagvad gita chapter 9..”

Mrs  Krishna Khatri,
Web Designer & Freelance writer

“It was nice experience with culture camp at Hare Krishna temple, Bhadaj. As this is the second time my child participated, he is becoming more spiritual than before. Stopped eating onion and garlic, started chanting and also he says we should not do anything wrong to anyone and also not react on such activities. We will make it mandatory for him this cultural camp every year. Hare Krishna”

Mr. Darshan Pandya,
Business Development Manager,
Australian Premium Solar Indai Pvt Ltd.

“I saw my daughter very happy while culture camp was going on, She learnt and did everything with interest. She came to know about God, which no school can provide knowledge about. She has learnt chanting, cooking. She is very small just stepped into Class 3, inspite she tried cooking in house Mexican rice and Nacos which was taught in Culture camp cooking class, she really enjoyed a lot..”

Mr. Kartik Panchal, Manager – HDFC Bank,
Mrs, Shreyas Panchal, Housewife.