Vitamins Come By The Desire Of God

A challenge to the scientists
The scientific world is busy discovering the vitamin value of the food stuffs. Great researches are going on to find out what is nutritious for the human beings. But have they ever wondered that what is the vitamin value in dry grass. Their answer would be, “Negligent”. But then how is it that the cow eats dry grass and produces so much of milk full of vitamins A and D along with healthy fats, calcium and so on. It is God’s wish!

Nowadays physicians prescribe supplementary artificial vitamins for maintaining the body. But is there any scientific brain in the whole world, however acclaimed it may be, that can produce fruits, grain and milk? That is not possible. Modern science claims itself to be highly advanced, but can they take up this challenge, ‘Manufacture a machine into which you feed the grass and it gives milk.’ Is there any scientific process by which they can transform grass into milk…or even anything closer to that.

The mystic power of God
The cow eats grass and delivers the milk. And cow milk is such a miracle food that it nourishes the finer tissues of the brain that help in understanding the spiritual subject matter. So for everything, the law of Krishna is working. If we think that dry grass and straw contain all vitamins, so let me eat those then we will die. It is God's desire that the cow eats the dry grass and it gives such a nutritious milk. But the same dry grass, if a woman eats, she will die. Therefore it is the plan of the Supreme that the cow, by eating dry grass, can deliver nicely. It is not on the dry grass that the cow is producing milk; it is the will of God that is producing it. Dry grass is not the cause of vitamins; otherwise humans could eat also the dry grass instead of purchasing vitamin pills.

The inconceivable mystic power of the Supreme Lord is working throughout the creation and it is compelling us to accept the existence of a ‘Super Science’ beyond this perceivable human science.