The Science to Stop Death

Modern science has advanced so much that today mankind is boasting of conquering the Moon and the Mars. Technology has gone so far that with a click of a button we have access to all the living comforts. Whether it is eating, travelling, entertainment, education, medical, luxury or any other field, all this has been taken to unimaginable limits of convenience and luxury. This indeed is a great credit to the modern science. But unfortunately all the education and scientific advancement is squandered solely for the purpose of sense gratification. The science is not addressing the real problems of life which are enlisted as the miseries caused by birth, death, old age and disease. Isn’t it a puny application of the ‘moon conquering’ technology that it is being dedicated for providing fickle entertainment to the senses rather than finding out the solution to death?

Srila Prabhupada explains, “Just like great scientists have discovered the atom bomb. What is the effect? Now by one drop you can kill many millions of people. Instead of inventing something beneficial to human society they invent something to accelerate death, which is already assured to every man. They cannot show their meritorious power by inventing something which can save man from death; instead they invent weapons which accelerate the process of death.”

The question is that whether science can stop death. Everyday a new disease emerges and we struggle to find a medicine. This way the struggle for existence goes on. This is not real scientific advancement. Real advancement is to permanently get out of this struggle.

That science of freedom from birth, death, old age and disease is taught in Bhagavad-gita by Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Krishna says that the process of Krishna consciousness is that very science which will free us from death and give us an eternally blissful life. The real advancement is not in inventing fickle sense gratification, while the sword of death constantly hangs over our heads. Real advancement is in finding an eternal solution to death and attaining permanent happiness. If one tries to understand Krishna perfectly then his cycle of birth and death is over and he becomes eternal. This is the greatest advancement.