Friendship - A Ship That Never Sinks

The quest for finding a genuine friendship is deeply entrenched in all of us. What makes a true friendship?

A true friend is a loyal, affectionate and a dependable companion, who stands with his friend in all hardships, can give right guidance and who is ready to cross all limits without caring for personal reputation. In our day to day meetings with people, we always search for such a friend in every relationship.

So, I can’t let this friendship day end without saluting an immortal example of a true friendship. Lord Krishna declared the great archer Arjuna as His dear friend and personally demonstrated His friendly dealings with him.

1. Brought out the Sun: One may claim to bring down the sun and moon to show his friendship. But these are just poetic expressions and no one can do it in reality. When Arjuna, being grief-stricken for the death of his son took a vow to kill Jayadrata before sunset or to enter into fire and die, Kauravas fully protected Jayadrata and Arjuna could not even reach him. Finally, in the night when Arjuna was about to enter fire, the Lord crossed all material laws and inconceivably brought out the Sun directing Arjuna to kill him and saved His friend’s life.

2. Became a chariot driver: Have you ever imagined Narendra Modi or Donald Trump being called a driver of somebody? It is beyond the bounds of imagination. But in the Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, happily took the position of Arjuna’s charioteer and remained his constant companion throughout the 18 day war. He guided Arjuna at every step. Out of His affection for Arjuna, He obeyed Arjuna’s every command to take the chariot wherever he asked to and thereby became famous as Partha-sarathi.

3. Broke His promise: For being steadfast in His vows, the Lord has got various names like “Satya-Sankalpa” or “Satya-Vachah” which means that His words are always true and can never be false in any circumstances. He had promised not to lift any weapon in the battle. But when Bhishma launched a severe attack on Arjuna, there came a situation when Arjuna was about to die by the arrows shot by Bhishma. At that moment, the Lord, not caring for His own promise or personal reputation, got down from the chariot and rushed towards Bhishma with a broken wheel in great anger to kill him.

4. Became a messenger: Have you ever seen a postman running around the locality from house to house delivering letters or magazines? It is such a hectic task. Pandavas were always very compassionate by heart and never wanted to initiate a ghastly battle causing the death of countless soldiers. To somehow compromise with Kauravas so that the fight may be avoided, Lord Krishna, out of great affection towards Pandavas, carried their message personally to King Dhritarashtra’s palace in Hastinapur for a peace proposal and thereby accepted the humble position of being a messenger.

5. Recited the Bhagavad-gita: A friend in-need is a friend indeed. After seeing his own friends, family members and teachers standing against him on the battlefield, Arjuna became so afflicted with lamentation that he got completely confused regarding his real duty and decided not to fight leaving aside his bow and arrows. It was such a need of the hour that his dearmost friend Krishna accepted the position of a Guru and gave the invaluable wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita soon after which Arjuna regained his original consciousness, decided to fight and won the battle.

6. Night Guard: Have you ever seen a soldier guarding the borders faithfully? He serves the country so loyally whole day and night, even in extreme conditions without caring for his personal comforts. During all the 18 days of Mahabharata battle, Lord Krishna was driving the chariot of Arjuna during the daytime. However, it is astounding to note that, even during the night, He never took any rest. Taking a sword in His hands, Krishna used to faithfully guard the resting camp of Pandavas and thereby showed the quality of extreme loyalty towards his devoted friend.

Therefore, this quest for finding a genuine friendship can only be satisfied by Lord Krishna who declares Himself to be the most intimate friend of all living entities. To keep up his friendship, Lord Krishna can cross all the limits but, from His friend, He expects nothing more, than just holding His hand tightly. This holding begins from the simple chanting of Hare Krishna Maha-mantra.

Therefore this Friendship Day, take a vow to hold the hand that will never let you sink. Krishna is calling…to make our everyday a Happy Friendship Day.