A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking, the brightest star in the firmament of science, whose insights shaped modern cosmology and inspired global audiences in the millions, passed away aged 76.

In his book “A brief history of time” which he wrote for non-specialist readers, he tried to reveal the structure, origin and ultimately the fate of the universe & the great Time Factor. It is quite unfortunate yet astonishing to note that a “superhuman” who revealed the biggest mysteries about the past, present and future of our universe now lies silent, evaded under the influence of this atrocious time.

There are many quelling principles in the creation, but time being the monarch of all depreciates, deteriorates & dilapidates all wonderful things in this world. Among all kinds of slayers, time is the ultimate because it slaughters everything mercilessly. Though a scientist may be cognizant, observant of all the knowledge of this material cosmos & the may be in scurry to produce theories and answers, but the cruel laws of birth, death, old age and disease continues to hover around.

Hard to digest, the temporary assets of a human being are incompetent to save him from the clutches of vicious Time. Still, a living entity spends all his valuable time in quest for the absolute truth using his rudimentary senses or otherwise to forge his assets throughout his life. At the end, Supreme Lord's energy in the form of irresistible time brunts them to bow down their haughty heads & at the end of his life the same time snatches away all his possessions ruthlessly and he is left helpless to continue the merry-go round again & again. Time, as the supreme teacher, wipes out all its pupils.

Yasyajnaya bhramati kala-cakrah: under Lord’s domination even the sun, which is considered to be the eye of the Lord, rotates within the fixed orbit of eternal time. Scientists try to give us some facilities by machines, by different processes to avoid inconveniences & every attempt is being made for vimukti, for getting out of some inconvenient position. But we have to understand the ultimate vimukti. Ultimate vimukti is to get freedom from this dreadful Time. That vimukti can be achieved only from Krishna, harim vina na mritim taranti. This is the transcendental epistemology.

So, we have to employ our prized time in developing Krishna consciousness and performing devotional service & the same vicious time will help us to leave this human form & achieve our eternal blissful life in association with the Lord.

Else, our life is bedeviled to become “A Brief History of Time”.