Atheism Defeated - Part 2

This is second article of the series “Atheism defeated”, to answer atheism. This series of articles is meant to establish that theism is more logical and pragmatic than atheism while atheism is more illogical and dogmatic than theism.

One of the argument atheists put forward is: We do not find places of worship of God like temples, mosques or churches on other planet, where there are no human. So places of worship of God and God are creation of Human only.

This argument is not just vague but illogical and unscientific also. The argument is vague because Humans are because God is, not that God is because Humans are.

This argument is illogical because absence of temples, mosques or churches does not simply imply that God does not exist. Places of worship are meant to give humans favorable conditions to know about and connect with God. So where there are no human, for whom does these places would exist? This can be understood with an example that absence of government office in deep jungle or desert does not simply imply that Prime minister does not exist.

This argument is unscientific because it falsely assumes that “there are no places of worship of God in places where humans do not exist.” Modern science do not accept, what we don’t see don’t exist. According to widely accepted modern theories, about existence, like Bosonic string theory, String theory, Superstring theory and M-theory, there are more dimensions than the four which we are able to perceive. So atheists would be unscientific as well as dogmatic to claim that there are no living entities in places where humans are not present, or to claim that those living entities do not believe or know about God or to claim that they don’t have places of worship.

In such case if we accept the authority of scientific scriptures like Srimad Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam etc. we come to know that living entities are there everywhere in this universe as well in others. It is different subject matter why we are not able to see them with our limited eyes. On some planets their consciousness is less advanced than humans and on others it’s more. And those having more advanced consciousness than humans are not just able to see but live with God.