Atheism defeated - Part 1

This is first article of the series "Atheism defeated", to counteract atheism. This series of articles is meant to establish that theism is more logical and pragmatic than atheism and atheism is more dogmatic and illogical than theism.

Except human no other species believes in God

Many a times a conclusion is put forward by analytical minds that, "No species of life other than human believes in God. So God is creation of human." Now let us be more analytical and extend this conclusion to other concepts. No other species of life other than human believes in existence of planet Pluto. Does that mean Pluto does not exist? No other species except human believes in existence of mind. Does that mean mind does not exist? No other species except human believes in existence of electron. Does that mean electron does not exist?

There are many things and ideas of reality around us which animals or any other species can not perceive or conceive. And simply because they are not able to perceive certain ideas does not imply that such ideas are mere creation of human brain without any real significance.

Different species of life have differently developed consciousness to perceive reality. An amoeba, one of the least conscious species known to modern science, cannot perceive the idea of existence of practically anything else. The tree, a species with comparatively more developed consciousness, can perceive more reality like protection, survival, feelings etc. compare to amoeba. Still it cannot perceive the idea of existence of ocean. An ant can perceive even more reality but fails to understand the idea of belonging, for example an ant cannot figure out that the land on the other side of the fence belongs to neighbor person or village. A dog who has even more developed consciousness cannot understand that person who is feeding him is President of a country.

This shows that different species are capable of understanding the reality only upto certain degree. Among all the species of life normal human have highest developed consciousness to understand the reality upto highest degree. But this does not mean that human can perceive 100% reality. Two different person will have different level of consciousness. And that makes one understand the reality better than other. Thus those human who have highly developed consciousness can only understand higher realities like existence of soul and existence of God.